Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate in this program?

This program is open to everyone who wishes to increase their income, eliminate or reduce their debts and is willing to build a successful online business.


Who is a good fit for this program?

Ideally homeowners wo are currently paying a mortgage payment every month. You can also share this program with people who are currently renting a property and wish to buy a home in the near future but they don’t qualify now or they don’t have the down payment money or they have too much outstanding debt.


How do I make money with this program?

You make money when you share this program with other families and they join the program. They become part of your team.


Do you provide training?

YES! We are huge advocates of ongoing training, but not just any training. We want to teach you the necessary skill sets that will help you become a successful online entrepreneur.


How do you provide your trainings?

We provide online trainings, one-on-one coaching sessions, events and mastermind retreats you will be able to participate if you wish to.


Can I share this program from anywhere in the world?

YES. All you need is your active account, an internet connection and a computer or a phone to share, run and build your online business.


How much time I need to allocate to make this work?

You can do it part-time or full time. Your choice. It depends on your personal goals. It depends on how fast you want to pay off your existing mortgage or earn extra money to give a good down payment for your home purchase.


Do I have to use my commissions only to pay off my mortgage? What if I have other debts?

You have the freedom to choose which debts you want to pay off first. Your home will probably be your biggest liability, so if you focus on reducing it, you will save years of interest payments to your bank. But if you decide to pay off your student loans, credit cards, etc… you have absolute control of your earnings.


How soon can I be profitable?

When you have 3 new members join, you will have already earned enough to recoup your initial training fee and your first subscription month back to you… plus, you will have your first positive cashflow experience. You will have an extra $59.60 left to enjoy. After your first 3 members, as you continue to share this program consistently every month, even if you only get 3 new members again, you will continue to earn every month for each active member you are responsible for bringing in. Exciting right!!! That’s why we say: “The more we share, the more we help”.


How can I find out more information and join the program?

Simply connect directly with the person who shared this program with you. They will walk you through the simple process and get you started right away.